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Destroy everything in Virtual Reality. Available on Steam.

Online free multiplayer or solo belote card game. Game is subscription free, browser based.

This game is based on the famous dudo dice game. A game of bet, bluff, and luck.

Online cash register in an online POS software which lets your shop process payments, record sales, send invoices, read barcodes, ... for free !

A game where you have to take care of a pet : feed him, keep him clean, talk to him or reward and punish him.

Jeu de tarot is a famous card playing game. This website was the first to offer multiplayer online tarot card game... for free.

Play strip poker against computer, or against real players, you can even play with webcam ! Get your opponent naked or get naked !

Disguise yourself into the many models available. Choose a picture on your drive, then adjust the face on the hole to get the preview.

Sexy games lets you play strip blackjack, roshambo or hilo against thousands of strip girls or boys. Free simple HTML/JS game for desktop or mobile.

Fakes certificates. Create your own customized certificate : bachelor party certificate, best grandma certificate, ...

Create customizable licence, like "Licence to kill", "Licence to have a baby", "Licence to stop doing useless websites"

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We think the only way to proceed on the internet is to offer free services. The world has reached a point where we no longer need to ask money for everything.

Free to use

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Because the web now lets us do amazing things, you no longer need to install anything on your computer, everything is in the cloud !

Online tools

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Our games are made to work as well on a computer or a mobile phone or a tablet, on any internet connexion, with a single address.

Mobile & tablets support

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Object and furniture Design

Alice Etcaetera

Young designer who has created her own design studio. Alice can draw anything, furniture, jewelry, or books... but at first, she is a designer.

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Special thanks to our video maker, franchutaa. Specialised in music clips, and web videos, photos, and drawings. Best wishes.


Selections of works of art : paintings, drawings and engravings from the XIXth and XXth centuries. Expert Member of the CNES.

Did you know ?

Most of the softwares we create have hidden treasures, most users are not aware of.

  • In Virtual pet game you can adopt a pet which has learning capabilities. Language and behaviour are conditioned on the way you reward or punish your pet.
  • Jeu de tarot is a famous french card playing game. If you plan to visit France, then learning how to play this game is a must !
  • Liars game comes from a very old dice game also known as Dudo game, Cacho, Pico, Perudo, Cachito or Dadinho. This game is a popular dice game played in Peru, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil and other Latin American countries.
  • There is an easter egg in strip poker game that lets you play against the developer of the website, with a special dedicated artificial intelligence. Dare you get him naked !